BUMP Ambassadors


#841 Frank Barry, PRO

Frank Barry went Pro at age 15 and despite some challenges such as near death experiences, has made a career in the off-road industry. In March of 2006 he sustained life threatening injuries during an arena cross practice that put his racing temporarily on hold but he has since made a strong comeback in many disciplines. That downtime lead to a diversification in Frank's industry activities including helping his parents Wendy and Laurence found their facility, BUMP. Frank has been offering advanced suspension services since 2010.

Frank's Resume

#841 Elisabeth Owen, Ladies (#3 Vintage Mx)

Elisabeth Owen was introduced to the sport by her father, Stan, who raced CMA. She didn't start riding until 2006, but she grew up surrounded by her dad's inspiring 1970's era trophies. She counts herself fortunate that her riding has brought her closer to her family including her father, her brother Wendell, and her brother in law, all who ride back home in BC.  For 2017 Elisabeth will be focusing on miling out her Honda Grom with a custom wrap from Wrap Tactics in Chilliwack, BC.

Elisabeth's Resume

BUMP is proud to present our 2018 BUMP AMBASSADOR line up! This group of diverse and hugely talented riders were chosen as BUMP ambassadors based on contribution to sport, dedication to their disciplines, and their ongoing improvements that they make to the BUMP brand. Besides the main BUMP Ambassadors,  Frank Barry 841 and Elisabeth Owen 841, in no particular order, we present:


#412 Davin Baldock, MX2 Junior A

#412 Davin Baldock, MX2 Junior A 2019 will be a big stepping stone for Davin, he is planning on racing intermediate in the 2020 race season. Of course with the help from FBP suspensions so he can be as smooth as butter. With BUMP’s support Davin has gone through the MRC classes with top 5 or better seasons since he has started on his 65. Davin started riding with his dad at 6 years old, then BUMP spiked his interest in trails with their great trails (where he can sometimes be spotted cutting or riding trails with his dad, Jason). He Then moved to the fast pace MX track where his interest stand now. On top of motocross he also plays lacrosse at a high level across Canada and the US


#86 Dave Kendal, Expert Class

#86 Dave Kendal, Expert Class Past President, Edmonton Motorcycle Racing Association Since he began road racing in 2008, Dave has raced in Calgary, Mission, Utah, and Edmonton. In 2015, he finished 5th overall in the EMRA Expert Superbike class. Dave brings a level of dedication to both his street and dirt bikes, and proudly represents Honda Extreme.  Follow him on Instagram: CanuckDave.


#523 Craig Whitson, MX & Off-Road Junior

Craig Whitson is best known as BUMP's Twitter and Instagram machine. He has a diverse riding range that includes arenacross, flattening over half a start line in almost any mx start, endurocross, enduro and ice racing. Him and Frank are always up to something, whether it's trips to Idaho to ride the dunes, night riding in the woods or vintage Honda trikes in the winter.    Follow him on Twitter: @Craig523 or Instagram: bumpmx.


#282 Jake Bryenton, Junior A

Jake is currently on hiatus from riding and racing.  in Fall of 2017, Jake and his girlfriend Kayla helped out doing sign-in. Look for him just being awesome in general, and we'll update his profile when he gets a bike again.  I feel a pink mini bike in Jake's future! Follow him on Twitter: @JakeB_82 or Instagram: JAKEB82.


Jason Baldock

Here is Jason, man of many talents, except doing a write up on himself!  You may see Jason out on our trails which is where his passion of riding is, or he sometimes spotted out on the tracks riding with either his son Davin or daughter Makayla.  Jason is a great ambassador for the sport & for BUMP!  Jason is an activate ADRA board member, lacrosse dad, and longtime BUMP season pass holder & friend!  Jason has been taking group rides through our trails, and been activately involved with cutting & marking trails.  

2018 TEAM BUMP Off-Road lineup

Left to Right: Dave Chambers, Matt Hughes, Chris Chambers, Noah Miller. Photo credit: Gloria Miller

BUMP is proud to present our 2018 TEAM BUMP Off-Road lineup! This group of gentlemen were chosen based on results - in the bike community, on the track, and because they represent the positive nature of racing to create friends and hang out with family.  BUMP's Off-Road Team would like to thank MOTOVAN for their ongoing support and in particular Cam Braaten.

Left to Right: Dave Chambers, Matt Hughes, Chris Chambers, Noah Miller. Photo credit: Gloria Miller

Chris and Matt have been very active at BUMP developing , cutting, marking and maintaining BUMP trails - they have well earned the title of "Trail Boss"


#7 Matt Hughes, Junior

Matt is the quietest member of the BUMP Team, and can be spotted out on the trails doing what he does best - riding. He's been riding for approximately 14 years, and has upgraded from Northern Alberta muskeg and running into barbed wire fences to building and flagging new trails at BUMP so he can practice with less danger. He says he likes riding for the adrenaline rush, but also for the calm, concentration, and commitment needed for off road. His goal for 2017 is not to take his bike swimming again and to perfect his mountain riding skills.


#122 Chris Chambers, Expert Class (AB), Vet Expert Class (BC)

In 2015 Chris won the CMA Second Gear Club's Intermediate Provincial Championship. In 2016 he placed 2nd in Vet Expert (PNWMA, Interior Division), and enjoyed being lucky enough to race alongside his dad Dave and his brother Noah. For Chris, racing really is a family sport and 2017 will see his son join the fun (and maybe his fiance Tiffany!!). Chris dedicates himself to the sport but is very approachable - if you see him at BUMP or a race he's a go-to guy for any questions you might have. He is currently sponsored by Motovan and EVS. Follow him on Instagram: chambersracing122