building ... aka BUMP House


Q. First time to BUMP, can I unload and go riding?

A. Immediately arriving at BUMP everyone including season pass holders, day riders, non-riders, all family and friends, etc must proceed directly to grey sign-in building aka BUMP house.

Q. Why? And is this first visit only?

A. Everytime and everyone including children, which is all riders and non-riders, must sign general waiver, appropriate forms, and pay riding fees if applicable. First visit each year an info sheet will be given to you.  This sheet is also accessible in “forms” section of this website.

Q. Is insurance and registration required?

A. No. BUMP is privately owned. Waivers are required and must be signed by everyone upon arriving at BUMP. This is done at sign-in building.

Q. My friend wants to ride my bike?

A. Everyone that gets on any machine must have registered and paid appropriate day fees. Rates are per person.

Q. I am not using my seasons pass, can I give it to someone else?

A. No, all passes are non-transferable.

Q. Are we able to camp?

A.  Camping has been allowed in the past to make it convenient for riders.  However, a few people/families think because they are camping we are on call 24/7. Now we are restricting who has camping access. Our focus is is to keep the track open for riding weather permitting.

Q. Is there a cheaper rate if I come later? 

A. No, rate is same if it is two minutes of ride time or 8+ hours.

Q. Are season passes discounted at mid season?

A. No, and season is by calendar year not from date of purchase.

Q. How can I tell if BUMP is open or what weather is doing?

A. Always call info hotline prior to coming out 780-318-2867(BUMP). It is updated at least once/day during riding season.  Weather Network - Sion, AB or Dunstable, AB for most accurate weather.

Q. Are quads allowed?

A. Quads are permitted, but are restricted.  Quads/UTVs not allowed on main track or sprint track. Some trails not quad/UTV friendly.

Q. Are rentals available?

A. BUMP does not rent any machines or gear.

Q. Does BUMP sell bikes or quads?

A. Yes, BUMP does have new PitsterPros - 70cc, 110cc & 140cc for sale. Email or better yet inquiry at sign-in building.

Q. Is there a concession available?

A. Yes. Cold & hot drinks, frozen treats, assorted snacks ( eg chips, chocolate bars) and premade subs. Concession located in sign-in building.

Q. My bike/quad breaks, can I get a refund?

A. No refund policy is in effect. BUMP does sell some parts, tires, tubes etc.  but what is required may not be available at BUMP.  Googles & gloves also for sale. Parts are located in sign-in building.

Q. Are big wheel bikes permitted on PeeWee tracks?

A. Only if riding in first gear slow (walking speed). These tracks are for small or very novice riders. Ruts from big bikes is very difficult for training wheels & learners to manoeuvre.

Q. Planning on coming out in couple weeks. Will BUMP be open?

A. BUMP hours are weather dependent. BUMPs hours of operation is day to day basis. Always call hotline prior to driving out.

Q. How often is hotline updated?

A. 780-318-2867 is updated each morning. If weather or conditions change hotline will updated immediately.

Q. I call hotline and no one answers. Why?i

A. 780-318-2867 is an informational hotline only.  Any questions pertaining to track/weather condition, hours of operation will not be returned. Any questions that answers are found on our website will probably not be answered.  NO ONE WILL ANSWER HOTLINE. If you have a question not answered on website email

Q. How often are tracks and trails maintained?

A. To be determined by BUMP.  Grooming is not done on a daily basis.

Q. Will BUMP stay open later than posted hours?

A. No. BUMP opens and closes at set times as weather permits.