125cc Dream Race


Presented by BUMP and Recycle Motorsports

When: Sunday, September 22, 2019

Information will be added as it becomes confirmed or available - the only thing for certain is how awesome 125cc 2 strokes are.

What: 125cc 2 Stroke Bikes, Racing. Get it? Good!

Track is TBA, likely a custom track picked out by Russ of Recycle and built by Frank of BUMP with the brains and beauty of Mark Fedorvich behind it all. No noise restrictions, super modified bikes that started life as a 125cc 2 stroke encouraged. Got questions about if you qualify? Hit us up at 125dream@bumpmx.com and we will get back to you with an answer!

Who: Anyone that can safely race a 125cc 2 stroke

No gate fee, spectators welcome! Sponsors will be added to this page as they come on board. If you want to sponsor this event, please contact us or Russ at Recycle. 


Race Information

Race Order as of April 26, 2019

  1. Practice
  2. Ladies**
  3. Beginner
  4. Amateur
  5. Expert
  6. Lunch Break & Rebuild as Necessary
  7. Ladies****
  8. Beginner
  9. Amateur
  10. Expert
  11. GP Event (THE MAIN EVENT) 

Other Rules: 

-Bike numbers are mandatory. To pre-register and secure your number email 125dream@bumpmx.com.

-Registration is $50, which includes your skill-level class and GP entry fee. NO refunds unless the event is cancelled by the organizers.

-Ladies** race will be subject to number of pre registration entries received.

-Russ or Mark or Frank reserve the right to re organize this event schedule or make up rules at any time.

Reserved for Racers

These numbers are already gone, so get your own! This group is committed to The Dream 

Frank Barry 841

Elisabeth "BUMP's Pride" Owen 841W

Tyler "Live The Dream" Alexander Chopyk 126

Russell "Recycle" Stefanick 244

Mark Fedorvich 3

Cal "The Body" Nowicki 791

Trevor "Devils Lake Mafia Leader" Cerny 888

Terrance "Cheater Bike" Pelletier 273

Sean "BurkeeBoy 96.3 The Breeze" Burke 911

Broc "Sneaky Quiet Bike" Shury 717

Steve "5.5hp Over Baseline" Lummerding 519

Adam "Recycle Junior" Stefanick 428

Tegan “CR Savage” Wozney 47

Curtis Mellott 5  

Vanessa “The Swede” Gronvall 942

Find out more


Email completed Pre-Registration form & Parental & Minor waivers to 125dream@bumpmx.com